Screenprinting Math op-art at Kayrock Screenprinting

A few weeks ago at the EA/B art fair in NY I visited the booth of Kayrock Screenprinting from Brooklyn NY. The shop is run by Karl Larocca who has printed some amazing graphic patterns. I purchased a set of black and white cards with some striking use of parallel lines.


This first card has a very basic design but the optical impact is impressively kinetic. The rectangle is divided in half with the parallel lines running at a 45 degree angle to the edges of the card so that the two sets of lines meet at a 90 degree angle along the center line. This creates a line of reflection symmetry.


The second card is much more complicated. Creating identical kite shaped forms that are assembled into equilateral triangles, Larocca has built a mathematical tiling. Then by patterning each kite shape with parallel lines he creates a pulsating optical effect.

Even though the the patterns on each card are limited to just two alternating colors, using only straight lines of uniform width, the geometric patterns and the optical experience are surprising complex.


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