“Bright Matter” at the Muriel Guepin Gallery

“Bright Matter” at the Muriel Guepin Gallery is an exhibition highlighting the work of five artists using new technology, whose artistic practice address the spacial aesthetics produced through technology. Curated by participating artist Joanie Lemercier, the show features an exciting  selection of interesting geometric patterns created using machines.


A series of prints by Francois Wunschel immediately caught my eye. “Rotation X”is  a series of lenticular prints that have been made using special magnifying lenses that change the magnification based on the angle from which an image is viewed. This creates the illusion of depth in a 2-D image. This technology has been around for a long time but it has just recently been improved so the results are much more 3-D. Standing directly in front of the prints you are looking at the 2-D line drawing of a cube but as you move the cube cube seems to rotates in space creating cylinders.


Another set of prints was designed by Lab[au] titled “Origam-Form Studies”, created on a 3-D printer. These prints are grids composed of small square tiles. The individual tiles are either flat or have the illusion of having one, two ,or three corners folded over. Using these basic simple tile elements, complex patterns develop within the grids. It seems to me the artist is mimicking the processes of computers. Built on simple, binary operations computer operations can grow to become extremely complicated and powerful.

The Muriel Guepin gallery is dedicated to exhibiting the work of artists that use the newest technology. I look forward to see future shows.

All pictures courtesy of the gallery and the artists.

Susan Happersett

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