Pathmakers at MAD (Museum of Art and Design – New York City)

The Museum of Art and Design is currently showing the exhibition “Pathmakers: Women in Art, Craft and Design, Midcentury and Today”. It showcases the work of women who were pioneers in Modernist design, as well as the work of contemporary female artists who continue the modernist aesthetic tradition. There is a broad selection of materials represented, fibers, textiles, ceramics, and metal work. One of the most interesting materials used was soap bubbles. The “Surface Tension Lamp” (2014) designed by  Swedish FRONT (Sofia Lagervist, Charlotte van der Lancken and Anna Lindgren) for Booo B.V is a lighting fixture that blows bubbles. Soap bubbles play an important role in Mathematics. The problem of minimal surfaces shows us that the way to enclose a specific volume of air with the least amount of surface area is to create a spherical soap bubble. When you have two bubbles sharing a soap film wall things get even more interesting.

Expect a bunch of new posts next week – the gallery season in New York is kicking off again.

Susan Happersett

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