“Superposition” at Joshua Liner Gallery

The Joshua Liner gallery is currently presenting “Superposition”, an exhibit curated by Johnny Abrahams. The title of the show refers to quantum mechanics and the concept of an atomic element appearing to be in multiple positions at the same exact moment in time. The works in the show offer some alternate ways to look at geometric forms and patterns.

Vanha Lam’s “Broken Plane” series of paintings is an excellent example of a unique representation of one of the most basic shapes.

Each work is a paining of a rectangle, but the canvas has been sliced into two pieces creating a top section and a bottom section. In the case of the black and white paintings the bottom panel overlaps the top panel. In the yellow painting the top overlaps the bottom.  The simple rectangle has broken out of the the 2-D plane, taking on new characteristics of space and shadows.

“Superposition” is up until April 22 at Joshua Liner Gallery, 540 W 28 St, New York.

Susan Happersett

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