Hyperbolic Square Sculptures

I have not been going to many galleries these days, so I decided to share some of my current work.

A number of years ago I came up with a hyperbolic circle form that could be constructed from paper circles with a radial slit in each. I combined the circles by overlapping about 45 degrees from their centers.

The resulting sculptures answer the question: what happens if a circle has more than 360 degrees , 675 degrees? 990 degrees? You build a saddle shape or a ruffle.

After drawing my Quadratic Lace patterns for a few years I decided to try my hand at developing hyperbolic forms from squares. I start with a series of Squares each with a single slit from  the center point of the Square to the center point of one of the sides. I fold the squares in half both horizontally and vertically and then rearrange the folds into an accordion fold of 4 small squares. I combine squares in a similar fashion as the circles, overlapping one small square. I combine 4 of the large squares into one hyperbolic Square. To give the sculpture a linear quality I have attached a few together alternating directions.

Anyone who knows me knows, I was not going to stop with quadrilaterals. Spoiler Alert…. I have developed a form using hexagons that creates a spiral of trapezoids I am calling “Hexa-go-go”s. I also fold irregular octagons Into exploding star sculptures I call “Super Nova”s. I will post photos and more info on these two new shapes soon!

Esther K Smith and I are teaching a workshop ,“Garden of Mathematical Delights”, at the Center for Book Arts in NYC. We will be teaching artists how to make my Circle Hyperbolic and my new Hyperbolic Square book along with a few other forms.


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