Armory Fair NYC

The Armory Fair is the first big art show I have attended in 18 months. There was a lot of amazing work. I chose three pieces with interesting mathematical ideas. The Rochini Gallery from London presented the marble sculptures of Gianpietro Carlesso.

“Curvatura Trentesei” from 2019 offers an elegant expression of a undulating loop. It is hard to believe it is carved from marble and not a pliable material.

AICON ART a New York gallery displayed this wall sculpture from 2015 by Rasheed Araeen.

“Red Square Breaking into Primary Colors” is constructed as a 3-D lattice of triangles. The painted 9 squares within a square are positioned like a diamond.

Galeria Curro from Quadalajara had a stunning display of Andrea Calvani’s neon work. 

““Study on Stellar Magnetic Field” is from 2021. Each of the pieces illuminates a formula or diagram related to physics and Mathematics.

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