Thomas Ruff at David Zwirner gallery

 The David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea is currently presenting Thomas Ruff’s exhibition “d.o.p.e”. The title of the show references Aldous Huxley’s 1954 book “ The Doors of Perception” and features new work by the photographer. Using special computer software Ruff creates mathematical images that reflect on the self similarities and the repetitive nature of fractal forms. The patterns are then digitally printed on industrial carpeting. All of the work in the show is from 2022 and are printed in an edition of 4.

“d.o.p.e 04.I” 2022

The viewer gets the feeling that generated patterning in these works is quite detailed. The use of the carpeting as the substrate creates a more ethereal presence, softening the edges. In a sense romanticizing the mathematics. 

Bringing the designs off the monitor screen and onto a textured surface, the artist has given the work an organic quality.


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