Joint Mathematics Meeting 2023

Happy New Year Everyone!

It is January that means it is time for the JMM Conference – also known as the Joint Meeting of Mathematics This year it was held in Boston, Massachusetts. I was lucky enough to attend the meeting and enjoyed many interesting lectures, but for me the highlight is always the Art Exhibition. There was a lot of great work on display and the gallery was busier than ever, it was quite crowded. I had more Mathematicians inquiring about my work than in past years.

I can not discuss every piece in the show, but I will highlight a few.

Richard Harrington
Twin Crystal
28 x 28 x 28 cm
Hardware Cloth

“Twisted Crystal” by Richard Harrington is made from hardware cloth and features a composition of two combined cubes into a form with hexagonal symmetry. I really like Harrington’s choice of material. The gridded transparency of the hardware Cloth allows the viewer to see both cubes simultaneously. Looking at the sculpture from different angles the moiré patterns of multiple layers of the grid change.

Felicia Tabing
28 x 38 cm
Gouache and pencil on watercolor paper

Felicia Tabing’s “two-thirds”, explores the concept of a converging geometric series using pencil and gouache.
The artist started with a rectangle took away 1/2 then added back 1/4. (1-1/2+1/4) the white spaces are the 1/4 that did not get added back. The more interactions of this process, the closer the painted area gets to being 2/3 of the total original rectangle.
Tabing’s painterly approach to filing in the spaces is a refreshing take on the subject.

More from JMM in a few days

Susan Happersett

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