More from the JMM Boston 2023 Art Exhibit

David Kaufman
Dichroic Crystal
27 x 27 x 27 cm

David Kaufman’s “Dichroic Crystal” got it shape by switching out the edges of a icosahedron for rhombi. Using the tool Polygonia, Kaufman created symmetrical patterns that were etched onto the acrylic planes. The transparent properties of the acrylic material allow the viewer to see the patterning at different angles simultaneously.

Expansion 3
23 x 33 cm
Digital Photograph

The digital photograph “Expansion 3” by Elizabeth Whiteley started with the artist drawing a diagram based on Dynamic Symmetry. After cutting into the lines of the drawing the paper was bent and curved from a 2-D surface into a 3-D object. The next step was to photograph the sculpture using monodirect lighting. The complex grey scale patterns of the shadows transformed the line diagram into a complex abstract composition.

More soon.

Susan Happersett

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