Gego: Measuring Infinity at the Guggenheim, NYC

The Guggenheim Museum in New York is currently presenting the work of Gego in a retrospective titled “Measuring Infinity“. *Spoiler alert* I have been a huge fan of Gego’s work for awhile now, and I knew that her art would look amazing in the white helix that is the Guggenheim.

As you start to walk up the ramp there is a small alcove gallery. In this space, the curators have installed a selection of what Gego referred to as “reticulareas”, sculptures from the 1960’s to the 80’s. Their construction is based on squares and triangles. The whole environment was so breathtaking I literally  forgot to breath and started getting dizzy. Here are a few of my favorite pieces in the room.

A series of bronzes from 1977
“Columna”, 1972
Close up of “Columna”
“Retinulaveo Cuandrada”
Close up of “Retinulaveo Cuandrada”

What makes Gego’s work so irresistible to me is the fact that besides being very beautiful it also expresses Mathematics in two different ways. The work is all built using basic geometric principles. But the complexity of the patterns and the repetition lead the viewer to think about the infinity.

This exhibition is huge. I can not possibly write about it in one post. I have already seen the show twice and I plan to go back again. I will write more soon. In the mean time I encourage any one who can get to NYC this Spring or Summer to see this exhibition.

Susan Happersett

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