I am so happy to introduce my new collaboration, FlutterFly!

I worked with Esther K. Smith to create this limited edition series of Artist’s Books. The surface patterns are my algorithmically generated Trapezoidal Lace drawings that Esther overlapped and printed using Risograph processes at SVA. The structure for these pieces is one of my new inventions: I am working on developing non-Euclidean paper sculptural forms that can be build from a set of identical geometric paper shapes attached in a helix formation and then either bent or folded. These shapes are inspired by hyperbolic geometry.

The FlutterFly books are built using 3 very special rectangles. The proportions of the rectangle are such that when you fold along both diagonals equilateral triangles are formed. I used the Pythagorean formula to do my calculations!
If you would like to own a FlutterFly they are published by the EK Smith Museum and are available on Etsy for $33 plus shipping in the Purgatory Pie Press store. If you add the code 001Fibonacci in the instruction section you will also receive a free gift! 

I hope you like this new book. Let me know what you think.

Susan Happersett

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