Gego at the Guggenheim (more)

As I mention in a previous post I am totally enamored with the Gego show at the Guggenheim. So here are a few more wonderful examples of her work. The museum devoted an entire section of the exhibition to Gego’s use of parallel lines. I particularly liked the black sculptures on display. 

This aluminum sculpture from 1957 is titled “12 Concentric Circles”. It uses a series of curved lines create a 3D drawing. Both the sculptural form and its shadows create an interesting play of positive and negative space.

“Sphere” from 1959 is made from brass and steel. For this sculpture, the artist used straight parallel lines, but the overall shape is curved. I particularly like the juxtaposition of the straight and the curve. Again the shadows are so important and give a sense of more than 3 dimensions.

“Gegotoi” (1959) is an iron sculpture of all straight lines. To me this really feels like an open triangular book with parallel lines of texts.

Again if you are in NYC head to the Guggenheim! I still have more art from this show I want to talk about so…. Look for my next post soon.

Susan Happersett

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